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Patient’s Contributory or Comparative Negligence

As malpractice is a form of negligence, defenses that are generally allowed against general claims of negligence are also viable against claims of malpractice. These might include the following defenses:

  • The patient was also negligent and caused much of his or her own harm
  • The patient failed to mitigate his or her own harm or damage or made them worse
  • The patient gave an informed consent and therefore assumed the risk of any [complication or untoward effect]
  • The alleged harm or damage was an unavoidable “known risk” that occurs without negligence
  • The patient failed to disclose important information to the doctor
  • The patient’s prognosis or condition was not worsened by the alleged negligence
  • The patient engaged in some intervening or superceding conduct following the alleged malpractice that broke the chain of events linking the malpractice to the patient’s damages or harm

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